Laguna Beach “Alt Right” Rally: What You Can Do

What’s Happening?

Juan Cadavid, a.k.a. Johnny Benitez, a supposed “alt right” figure, is hosting a rally entitled “America First! Electric Vigil for the Victims of Illegals and Refugees” on Sunday, 6:30 PM at Laguna Beach. On August 9, Cadavid announced that Tim “Treadstone” Gionet, a.k.a Baked Alaska, would be speaking at the rally. NPR reported that Gionet holds anti-Semitic views and the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi publication, came to Gionet’s defense when organizers of the DeploraBall rescinded his invite. Newsweek listed Gionet as one of the speakers at the Charlottesville so-called “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally.

Who is Johnny Benitez?

According to the OC Weekly, Benitez is actually Juan Cadavid and only adopted his Benitez “alt right” persona some time after November 2016. During this time, he appears to be an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and “alt right” ideology that bolsters white supremacist, neo-Nazi, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, and racist views. The Orange County GOP disavows him over his anti-Semitic viewsHe jokes about slaughtering Middle Eastern civilians. In the past, Cadavid supported progressive causes, such as OC Occupy, the Justice for Kelly Thomas movement, and just last November, spoke to people about starting an anti-fascist or antifa group. He once spoke to the OC Weekly saying, “If there’s one positive thing about [supporters of Thomas], it’s that people realize that sometimes their political, sexual orientation and class differences are not nearly as important to them as they thought when faced with a real issue.” In October 2016, “he spoke at the Orange County Department of Education as a former Laguna Hills High School football player in favor of ending invocations and removing ‘In God We Trust’ from meeting quarters.” Last year, he donated to the Bernie Sanders PAC and the Sanders related Brand New Congress PAC.

What Can I Do About This “Alt Right” Rally?

You can do one, some, or all as long as you take ACTION (no order of preference)