HB Police Verifies the Facts, Contrary to Rohrabacher’s Lies

Indivisible OC is pleased that the Huntington Beach Police Department corroborated the truth regarding the accidents at Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s office. In an interview with Talking Points Memo, Officer Jennifer Marlatt “characterized the incident as an accident,” contrary to Rep. Rohrabacher’s misleading claims of the “Indivisible mob” committing “assault” on a staffer. Yet, Officer Marlatt stated no arrests were made.

We are sincerely thankful for the Huntington Beach Police Department and their officers for the courtesy, integrity, and professionalism shown to us each week. They have been immensely helpful in providing consultation for our public events, and we are grateful for their service to the community.

In contrast, Rep. Rohrabacher’s dishonesty and failed attempt to mislead the public are appalling, but not surprising to many of his constituents. Nevertheless, we still ask that he uphold his duty as a public servant and hold a town hall meeting to address the concerns of his constituents.

We will persist.