Moving Forward for RBG

  1. Take time to mourn and honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Vigil events in Orange County so far:
  2. Call our California senators and tell them to do everything they can to stop the confirmation of Donald Trump’s appointee, including using procedural roadblocks and threatening to expand the court in the future.
  3. Build the wave to take the Senate. Democrats need to flip four seats to get an outright majority.
  4. Prepare to protect the election results. Republicans are already questioning the eventual results of the election. Pledge to stand up to Donald’s authoritarian power grab and sign up to get alerts from Indivisible.
  5. Readying democracy reforms in 2021. If we win Congress and the White House, we need to push our leaders to make real democratic reforms so our government reflects the majority, including ending the Jim Crow-era filibuster, adding new states to the Union, ensure voting rights for all, campaign finance reforms, and shaping the courts to meet the growing needs of our diverse nation.