Where’s My Town Hall?

Continue to practice your basic civic duty as a constituent and taxpaying American: Call your representative and ask when he or she will have the next town hall meeting. Representatives have been dodging our requests for town hall meetings. Hold your ground and ask, ask ask. See the following rebuttals to their common responses…

  • Staffer: “We don’t have a town hall meeting scheduled yet.”
    • When will we know?
    • What’s the biggest challenge in holding a town hall? (force them to explain why it hasn’t been scheduled yet)
    • The representative will be in-district starting February 21st. Will he or she be hosting constituents at all?
    • Is the congressman/woman working on holding a town hall at all?
    • I’m a taxpaying constituent. How and when will Rep. [name] respond to my concerns?
  • Staffer: “I don’t know the representative’s schedule.”
    • May I speak the person who does?
    • Can I make an appointment to speak to my representative when he or she is in-district starting February 21st?
  • Staffer: “Not many people attend town hall meetings” or “Town hall meetings are expensive” or some variation of an excuse to not hold on
    • Is the representative avoiding meeting his constituents? (If not, when can we meet him/her?)
    • Doesn’t the representative work for his/her constituents or not?