Stop Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is poised to be confirmed in a final floor vote this week as Attorney General. Continue to support Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Harris in opposing this known racist and Steve Bannon supporter. Encourage friends and family in other states to call their senators to stop Sessions, especially when we need an attorney general that is independent and follows our constitution, not an authoritarian.

Jeff Sessions was rejected for a federal judgeship by the Senate in 1986 for being too racist, and he hasn’t gotten any better since. He’s spent his career making it harder for African Americans to vote, fighting against equal rights for women, minorities and LGBTQ people, and demonstrating consistent hostility to the rule of law and human rights.

Dianne Feinstein (D)
(310) 914-7300
(202) 224-3841

Kamala Harris (D)
(213) 894-5000
(202) 224-3553