No to the Wall, Yes to a Clean Funding Bill

Donald Trump is willing to take Obamacare and millions of American lives hostage to get funding for his wall. He’s using the looming Friday deadline to fund the government to leverage Congress to get his way. He’s demanding from congressional Democrats that for every dollar that funds the wall, he’ll allow a dollar to fund Obamacare. Let’s be clear: Donald is willing to kill health care for millions and shut down the federal government to force American taxpayers to pay for the border wall that he promised would be paid by Mexico. NO WAY.

Call your representative and senators and tell them not a single cent of your hard earned taxes should go to the wall in this upcoming continuing resolution (what is a continuing resolution?) to fund the government. No policy riders should be attached to the CR and the CR needs to be CLEAN. No defunding of Planned Parenthood, no defunding of the EPA, no money for the wall, no money for a deportation force.